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We live in a world filled with change, a world only beginning to understand the need to respect others, all others, regardless of the differences between us. Equality and respect should come hand-in-hand. In the literary world, we embrace work that doesn't conform to expectations, conventions, or old-school definitions--that justifies the margins, until all sense of marginalization has disappeared.

In this issue, we hope to publish a wide range of voices, genre-bending work that challenges expectations, focused on originality and emphasizing the need for universal respect. The common thread should be innovation and an embrace of the full spectrum of human experience. Whatever your sex, race, orientation, religion, country of origin—send us your work. We want to read it. Help us see what has not been seen before. 

Send your submissions through: https://balkanpress.submittable.com/submit

Submissions Call for Vol. 12: Justifying the Margins

We are an environmentally conscious journal and only accept submissions through Submittable.

Format and Length. Poetry: Submit 1-3 original, unpublished poems, in a single document, each poem on a separate page, no longer than 10 pages total. Short Fiction: Submit 1 story, no longer than 5000 words. Creative Nonfiction: Submit one essay, no longer than 5000 words. Photography: Submit 1-3 photographs, black and white only. Unclassifiable: No longer than 2000 words.

You are welcome to submit more than once, but each submission must be a separate file uploaded to Submittable.

Do not put your name or any other identifying information on the document that holds your submission. Do not include your name in the file name for your submission. Make the file name the title(s) of your work. We follow a “blind” reading system: our editors read all submissions without knowing who wrote them.

Use Times New Roman 12 pt. for the text of your submission. Single-space your poems; double space between stanzas. Double-space prose manuscripts.

Include a 75-word bio written in third person, providing specific information about your writing life and your previous publishing credits.

No previously published work — print or online — including work posted on personal websites or social network websites. If your work can be found searching Google, we consider it published.

If you have questions, please visit our website, conclavejournal.com, or email wbernhardt@conclave.com.

Acceptance for publication conveys First North American Serial Rights, first-print publication rights, and the right to post work accepted for publication on the Conclave website. Rights revert to the author upon publication.

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